Mal-Vi Architects unveils an eco-friendly catamaran

Marvin the Martian is a 50' eco-sustainable fiberglass cruising catamaran, designed by young Greek architect Maria Malindretou-Vika. The need of becoming "green" has become a pressing matter in boating during recent years. The project's goal is a boat capable of being autonomous and self-sufficient from an energy standpoint.

This type of boat is placed right between sailing and motor boating. Since sailing has always been the most eco-friendly way to cruise the seas, this project promotes the creation of a third category of boating that bears characteristics found in both sailing and motorboats. The necessity for an eco-sustainable motorboat derives from the market's needs, as only a 10% of the international boating market corresponds to acquisitions of sailboats. This can be explained by numerous factors, not least of which is the need for a very specific instruction in order to sail. The remaining 90% prefers toexperience sea life in a more indirect way and, therefore, the idea of offering a cruise yacht that does not require particular abilities or instruction, while at the same time remaining eco-sustainable - providing low gas consumption and a silent navigation - can become an intriguing alternative.

In order to allow for less resistance in the water and, therefore, less propulsion energy, Marvin is a multihull boat. It is designed to be constructed using the most advanced technologies in the field today; vacuum infusion epoxy resins and Kevlar laminates are employed to achieve a lightweight yet inexpensive hull. The same lightweight approach is applied to the superstructure by using modern materials that conform to EU regulations. Above deck an area of 35 sq.m. (380 sq.f.) of photovoltaic panels, supply the vessel with enough energy to become self-sufficient.

Propulsion relies on an electric/diesel engine. Electric propulsion offers 30nm of autonomy at a 5 kn cruising speed, while a combination of electric and diesel propulsion can achieve 487nm autonomy at 9 kn, by consuming only 400 liters of fuel.

Marvin the Martian’s captivating lines and broad spaces, both externally and internally, create an aggressive profile, without giving up on space comfort. The catamaran can accommodate up to 8 guests in its two hulls, whilst on deck level a kitchen - with an unobstructed view of the bow, a dinette and a living room provide the relaxing space for all day-to-day activities, illuminated by large apertures in the boat's shell.

Mal-Vi Architects is an architecture and design firm based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since 1989 it has been involved in numerous construction and design projects, both locally and internationally.

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