Maldives “Carbon Neutral” policy prompts carbon balanced yachting

The new Maldives “Carbon Neutral” policy has prompted a leading 74m superyacht to balance its carbon footprint through Yacht Carbon Offset. The President of the Maldives has announced his government’s intention to make the Republic of Maldives the world’s first carbon neutral country, within a decade.

Responding swiftly to express support for the President’s initiative, a leading 74m superyacht has turned to Carbon Offsetting. The yacht’s Owners have, through Yacht Carbon Offset, balanced the greenhouse gas emissions from the vessel’s engines for the duration of her stay.

Yacht Carbon Offset’s Managing Director Mark Robinson commented: “For Owners, Charterers or Captains cruising in the Islands, Carbon Offsetting is the clearest possible way to show recognition of this new policy objective. The action may be equally well received in other cruising destinations that welcome best environmental practices by visiting yachts”

Last month’s full announcement is available online at

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