Maricuda Atlantic Challenger set to cross the Atlantic in two days

The maiden voyage of the Maricuda Atlantic Challenger -The Concorde of the Seas- will be an attempt to secure the Hales Trophy, the Blue Riband of the Atlantic. Cruising at an astonishing 70 knots (80 mph), the designers are confident the new superboat will make the 3000 mile transatlantic crossing in under two days – smashing the current record by 20 hours!

It is the intention of south coast-­‐based Maricuda to launch the Maricuda Atlantic Challenger, in the year of the London Olympics -­‐ 2012. Already 10 years in the planning, the 80 metre, twin gas-­‐turbine powered trimaran is a major leap forward in design and engineering technology. Maricuda’s MD,

David Aitken, has selected and appointed a top team of engineers and professionals in avionics, hydraulics, communications, systems and controls who will oversee the build of this extraordinary boat at Devonport Yachts in Falmouth. “The Challenger has three unique patentable features which represent a revolutionary stage in the evolution of fast craft design. I’m please to announce today that many UK companies are ‘on board’ to ensure the ultimate success of this exciting project.”

Mark Lello LL.B, BMLA, BMF, Skipper explains "There are many fast private boats and many fast commercial passenger ferries that will travel at 40 knots over short distances. But consider the benefits of moving cargo, crew and passengers swiftly and safely at such speeds? This is an excellent commercial prospect for ferry operators, cruise lines, coastal defence organisations, and wind and oil farm operators. The opportunity to launch this vessel with a shot at the transatlantic speed record is an exciting prospect.”

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