Marina Barcelona 92 & Yacht Carbon Offset

MB’92 has introduced Carbon Offseting, to balance greenhouse gas emissions from its Superyacht refit and repair operations. Marina Barcelona 92 (MB’92), as part of its commitment to environmental best practice, has decided to act to compensate for the carbon emissions from use of energy at the shipyard in Barcelona.

With immediate effect, visiting yachts will be invited to contribute a small amount to Carbon Offset the shore power consumed during their stay. MB’92 will itself match this action by Offseting an equivalent quantity of electricity used for other activities and operations at the site.

Pepe Garcia-Aubert, MB92’s General Manager said “At MB’92, we are committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our service and operations – and environmental performance is a key part of this. We recognise that energy use here at the shipyard contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, and have decided to do something pro-active in response. Working together with our clients and with the specialists at Yacht Carbon Offset, we start today, with effective action to balance our use of electricity. With our initiative we also hope to create an increased environmental awareness amongst yacht crew, managers and even Owners

For each individual yacht, and for MB’92 itself, Yacht Carbon Offset will certify that greenhouse gas emissions arising from the corresponding quantities of electricity are balanced by emissions savings elsewhere – through green energy projects, for example.

Yacht Carbon Offset’s Mark Robinson commented “With its decision to take action, MB’92 is leading the way amongst superyacht service providers in doing something about the carbon emissions from its operations. This action is in tune with the ever-increasing focus on environmental impact across the industry, and with comparable action taken by several superyachts that Carbon Offset their fuel. We are delighted to be working in partnership with MB’92.”

To find out more about how Carbon Offsetting enables greenhouse-gas saving projects and balances the carbon emissions from yachting activities, please contact Yacht Carbon Offset or visit

Marina Barcelona 92
+34 93 224 02 24
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