At least 5 yachts destroyed in marina fire in Croatia

Written by Francesca Webster

At 8:30 pm on Saturday evening a large fire broke out on board a yacht in Marina Kaštela in Croatia. Though the crew attempted to put the fire out, it quickly spread throughout the yacht and they were forced to abandon ship. Eventually the bow stern lines of the yacht were destroyed, causing it to break free and float out into the marina, setting alight to a number of other vessels as it burnt. Local media reported that five yachts around 20-metres in length were quickly destroyed, with black smoke pouring from the marina throughout the night. The owner of the marina, Joško Berket, once mayor of Kaštela, confirmed that five yachts had been destroyed and considerable damage had been done, but that no one had been injured. The fire was controlled by the local fire brigade around 9:40 pm. 

Three of the five yachts were pulled into the bay, two of which sank and one was towed to a nearby beach, while the additional two burned at their moorings. As of yet, the cause of the fire is not know, but a police investigation is set to begin.



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