Marine Engineering: Beyond our shores

The 17th Annual Engineering Conference entitled, “Marine Engineering: Beyond our Shores” will be held on Thursday 17th April, 2008 in Malta. The conference is organised by the Chamber of Engineers and is sponsored by locally based industries and organisations. It provides a venue for the presentation and discussion of novel technologies and work processes, for exchanging ideas, and for interaction between engineers, managers, scientists, researchers, designers and students.

Malta’s geographical location positions the island as a Maritime hub. For many years our shores have served the best in bringing tourism to the island, as well as a means for export and trading. From commercial transportation to passenger cruise liners, maintenance to shipbuilding, offshore services to fish farming, the island offers a vast array of maritime services that enable Malta to feature prominently on the global map of the marine industry.

This year’s conference will seek to identify and disseminate the work of colleagues and people involved in the industry. It will provide a forum for presenting the technology at the forefront of the maritime sector, current issues, and opportunites for further development.

The conference is being organised over one full day during which a series of key‐note, general and sector‐specific talks will be presented. A poster session will also be organised to provide a platform for those involved in the Marine Industry activities to exhibit and discuss their technical and scientific work.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
• Marine environment and pollution control
• Navigation systems and position finding
• Onboard ICT systems
• Shipbuilding and repair
• Yachting and yacht design
• Marine materials
• Fishing and fish farming
• Undersea engineering
• Harbours and marinas, design and operation
• Offshore engineering



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