Marine Group Boat Works de Los Cabos opens for repair and drystack storage

Marine Group Boat Works de Los Cabos, a boat repair and drystack storage facility, is pleased to unveil its newly constructed multi-million dollar facility and announce that it is open for business. Located at The Marina at Puerto Los Cabos in San Jose del Cabo, the boatyard spans across 200,000 square feet of land and water and is home to Baja California’s only drystack storage and a 150-ton Travelift capable of hauling boats up to 125 feet.

Marine Group Boat Works de Los Cabos is exactly how we envisioned the ideal boatyard to be,” said Michelle Farias-Kieley who oversees all the operations for Marine Group Boat Works de Los Cabos. “It’s basically a compilation of all the things we didn’t get to incorporate in the San Diego expansion. From the sparkling white concrete to the striking enormity of the drystack storage buildings.”

Hauling Boats 150 Tons at a Time

Marine Group Boat Works de Los Cabos’ moving centerpiece is its 150-ton Travelift which has the capacity to haul boats up to 125 feet with a beam of up to 28 feet, specially designed to reduce hull stress on vessels during the lifting process. Well-suited for the sportfishing market that exists in Cabo, the travelift was christened by Panache, a 110-foot Broward charter yacht just days before the opening.

One and Only Drystack Storage in Baja
Also in great demand is the only drystack storage system in Baja California. This storage system can accommodate 100 boats stacked three levels high, allowing owners of boats and tenders up to 33 feet in length to lower maintenance and insurance costs by storing them in enclosed shelving systems. Within 15 minutes, a giant forklift can pull a boat, launch it, and have it waiting for its owner, eliminating common inconveniences boat owners face.

Marine Group Boat Works de Los Cabos will offer a one-of-a-kind concierge service that consists of three packages ranging from a basic haul, storage and launch package to a premium package that includes complete maintenance, provisioning, fueling and more.

Marine Retail Store and Prop Shop
Other unique features of the Los Cabos facility are the convenience of a marine retail store scheduled to be completed in May and a propeller shop. Customers can get their propellers balanced and aligned by manufacturer-trained technicians using the industry leading propeller technology PropScan.

In addition, the new location encompasses some of the same amenities and state-of-the-art tools and technology that have garnered success for its sister boatyard in San Diego such as onsite paint, carpentry and mechanic workshops; office suites and concierge services for captain and crew.

We wanted to incorporate the things that made the San Diego facility so successful, and that meant ensuring high-quality craftsmanship, priority on customer service and shortened response times,” said Todd Roberts, vice president of Marine Group Boat Works, LLC. “This applies to everything from business practices to managing project timelines.”

We wanted a world-class boatyard for fine boat repair and here we are christening the largest travelift and the first drystack storage facility in all of Baja,” said Jim Elfers, marina manager for Puerto Los Cabos. “We couldn’t be happier with the partnership.”

Marine Group Boat Works de Los Cabos
Michelle Farias-Kieley, General Manager
+624 105 6500
[email protected]



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