Market and product refocus TBV Marine Systems

TBV Marine Systems, the well known elevator supplier will refocus its activities in specializing to supplying custom made mechanical systems to the mega yacht industry specifically and make better use of the in house available engineering and manufacturing capabilities with also producing other custom made systems besides the well known elevators.

In the past technical challenging projects were also delivered for the petro-chemical industry and commercial shipbuilding. But by way of focusing on the mega yachts TBV can even better answer the special demands that are common in this industry. Besides elevators and the tender launch systems the product portfolio is expanded with custom made steel structures as hull doors and swimming platforms. This is possible thanks to the own production facility with certified welders and the long lasting experience of the TBV personnel in engineering and manufacturing of these doors.

This product portfolio emphasizes again the extensive knowledge of custom made systems for the mega yachts of TBV.

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