Marsec-XL building a global community

Marsec-XL Foundation is launching a new global community-driven membership program for companies and organizations active and interested in the marine hitech sector.

Following the Founding Industry Membership program in the successful initial phase, Marsec-XL is now broadening the membership base reaching out to the global community of companies and organizations already active in the marine industry as well as those interested in the potential offered by marine software engineering.

Baseline research results delivered by Marsec-XL and its research institute [email protected] since 2007 show that the marine industry is continuously growing more dependant on software from the early vessel and systems design phase all the way through to the final products, vessel operation and maintenance. This trend will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years opening up new opportunities in the marine market but also creating challenges.

Already today the marine industry is facing challenges related to system integration, reliability and robustness. These negatively affect quality of the products and onboard systems as well as quality and safety of the entire vessel in both leisure and commercial sectors.

Many of these challenges stem from the fact that the marine industry still lacks the competencies in marine software engineering; “Reliable, high quality and user-friendly software solutions are created by educated and skilled software architects and software engineers just like vessels are created by naval architects and engineers. Moreover, domain-specific, maritime knowledge is essential to create intelligent and useful solutions for mariners. It is Marsec-XL’s mission to bring marine software engineering to the entire marine industry blending mariner’s experience with software engineering skills.” – said Krystyna Wojnarowicz, President of Marsec-XL Foundation Council. “In order to achieve this and develop the field further we need to look outside the current marine industry to bring the software engineering competencies to the marine business.” – added Geir Fagerhus, CEO Marsec-XL.

The new MARSEC-XL membership program is open to organizations from both marine and other sectors. Small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large multi-nationals will find a membership level that suits their needs. “Our goal is that members at all levels will experience benefits exceeding their expectations.” – says Geir Fagerhus. The Membership is offered at three levels: Platinum, Gold and Silver with vast benefits associated. These range from access to unique industry review and forecast reports, access to research results, royalty-free use licenses to discounts on education, training and events organized by Marsec-XL. In addition participation in research projects and business activities are offered and for the higher membership levels active influence on the direction of Marsec-XL through the Industry Panel is part of the package. The Industry Panel will guide the creation of de facto standards for the marine industry and promote industry best practices as well as serve as a forum for the future of the hi-tech marine industry.

The new Marsec-XL Membership Program will be launched in connection with BOOT 2010 in Düsseldorf and a team from Marsec-XL will be present to meet with prospective members. A new Corporate Membership section has been launched on the MARSEC-XL website further detailing the membership program and providing the membership application form as well as the membership brochure for download.

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