MB´92 leading the way in yard carbon offset

Since February 2009 MB´92 has been leading the way in carbon offsetting in superyacht refit yards. Clients have been offered the option to carbon offset their shore power, in partnership with Yacht Carbon Offset. The shipyard itself then matches the actions of its clients by carbon offsetting the same amount of electricity again, to compensate for its office and other yard energy consumption.

Up to the end of 2009, almost 2 million kWh of electricity has been carbon offset, a major part of the total consumption of the shipyard. Yet the programme is simple. If the yacht decides to participate, MB’92 charges a small additional amount for each kWh, then communicates the details to Yacht Carbon Offset so that a Certificate is issued at the completion of the refit project. Yacht Carbon Offset then allocates greenhouse gas emission reductions from projects such as renewable energy, which depend on this funding, so that the yachts’ action makes a real impact on net emissions. Yacht Carbon Offset has Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Certification to ISO 9001.

MB´92 senior project manager and creator of the carbon offset program, Bob Wagemakers, is pleased with the ever increasing interest that the clients show. “Initially, just under 20% of the yachts took part in the offset program, but in the second half of 2009 participation increased about 50%. Perhaps a good psychological incentive are the Carbon Offset flags we provide to the participants, an idea of Miquel LLiteras, our operations manager. Not only with our carbon offset program, but also in other aspects of the shipyard, such as waste recycling, we see an encouraging trend of awareness amongst those involved in superyacht operation.”

Just as for MB’92’s initiative, Yacht Carbon Offset is seeing an increasing number of yachts choosing to Carbon Offset their fuel. Yacht Carbon Offset’s Managing Director Mark Robinson explains: “Participation in MB’92’s programme has often been a yacht’s first step towards Carbon Offsetting. This naturally leads to thinking about the yacht’s fuel consumption too, and it’s good news that a policy of Carbon Offsetting this fuel typically adds only a modest amount to the budget. Month by month, more large yachts are deciding to Carbon Offset as a routine part of their environmental management programme. Owners appreciate the opportunity to make this highly relevant gesture which is a matter of personal satisfaction to them, and their support deserves particular thanks. ”

Looking ahead, MB’92 aims to encourage others in the industry to apply carbon offsetting to their own activities, through the ICOMIA Superyacht refit group and other industry networks where best practice can be shared. It is a straightforward, practical way for leaders in the yachting industry to show a proactive approach to sustainability.

Marina Barcelona 92, S.A.
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Yacht Carbon Offset Limited
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