MCL Team launch new marine transportation service

MCL Transboat has recently been set up as a specialised ‘one stop’ service for marine transportation that is truly able to combine knowledge of marine haulage, with a worldwide transportation logistics network. Headed up by three experienced and key players in the industry, James Howells, Chris Bugler and Crispin Holworthy, MCL Transboat is to offer a complete yacht transportation service that provides the safest and most economical route for a vessel and its equipment anywhere in the world.

With a fleet of trucks and specialised boat trailers available across Europe, combined with the MCL Group’s experienced logistical transport planning team, MCL Transboat can provide haulage for either racing yacht campaigns, companies moving vessels around Europe for shows or individual owners and captains. The support team is able to give instant updates to establish exactly where each load is located and what their ETA is likely to be at the final venue. This information is vital for globetrotting raceboats, when time is of the essence and allows the logistics to dovetail to ensure that the boat and its equipment all arrive in the same place at the same time. By using MCL’s established network, the operational side can plan any combination of road or sea transport to suit the tightest and most detailed of campaign schedules.

MCL Transboat operates a “can-do” policy and James Howells said of the new division, “We have been in the business of transportation logistics for over 40 years and have always taken great pride in our proven track record of professionalism and reliability. This stems from the daily hands-on running of the business, by our team of experts who know the business best. Add in the immeasurable experience and depth of knowledge from the marine transportation industry from Chris Bugler and Crispin Holworthy and you have the best of the best - MCL Transboat.”

Crispin Holworthy, who is to head up the marine development side of MCL Transboat added, “We identified an opportunity within this area of marine transportation to raise the bar in the industry, by providing a complete service to each individual client. We can now supply a total transport solution from start to finish of the process providing instant updates throughout to the customer, an area which has been lacking in the past. Flexibility and planning are key, as well as the detail of correct loading, and understanding the sometimes delicate construction of the load with often pressing time deadlines.”

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