Meeting of the Mind 2004 is the Feadship Crew Challenge 2004

In a highly professional teambuilding competition, Feadship crew competes to win the Feadship Super Crew Award 2004. A well build vessel is not enough to enjoy perfection on board a Feadship. It is the crew performance that makes the difference and is crucial to the Feadship Experience. Feadship is a firm believer in the power of teambuilding to improve quality. The latest campaign was all about crafts-man/team-ship.

With the Feadship the Feadship Crew Challenge workshop Feadship wants to contribute to the team performance of captain and crew.

Since the early nineties Feadship has been organizing the meeting for Captains and crew. 5 years ago the annual Meeting of the Mind seminars were developed. These seminars focussed on recent developments in yachting with topics like safety, medical assistant on board and new technical achievements. This annual event helps facilitate important communication between Feadship and Captains and is a vital factor that keeps us all at the forefront of our profession.

To professionalise the annual event, a new workshop has been designed; The Feadship Crew Challenge 2004. A challenging workshop focussing on quality improvement by teambuilding, to enhance the experience of the ultimate quality on board a Feadship.

The Feadship Crew Challenge is a one-day program, Lead by professional trainers of a well-known training company with extensive international experience. It's a very effective training program with a competitive element to make it fun and make teams run.

We invite you to subscribe to train and compete with your fellow Feadship crew to be this years Feadship Super Crew.


The closing party is an affair not to miss! Following the day meeting, Captains, their guests and crewmembers are all invited to a night of dining, dancing, games, prizes and fun. The party last year was a huge success and this year promises to be even more exciting.

Start making your plans to join FEADSHIP for our 2004 annual meeting and celebration, held just prior to the Monaco and Fort Lauderdale Boat Shows, respectively. Join us in Juan-Les-Pins, on the 21st of September, or in Fort Lauderdale, on the 26th of October.



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