METSTRADE 2018 special Product of the Day: Four new ways to explore the world with Compass Tenders

Written by Dante Della Gatta

Utilising over a decade’s worth of expertise, Compass Tenders has created a new series of limousine tenders - the Latitude range. The range is composed of four coachroof-style tenders, all of which can reach speeds of up to 36 knots and be semi-customised, both inside and out, to reflect the style of the mothership and the tastes of the owner. 

Compass Tenders Latitude RangePhoto: Compass Tenders

Latitude North: Compass Tenders Latitude RangePhoto: Compass TendersClassically styled and modelled on a Venetian water taxi, the Latitude North tender features a full-length coachroof which when retracted gives guests an open view of the sky. The aft deck contains extra seating and includes a fridge, air conditioning and an integrated sound system. Compass Tenders Latitude RangePhoto: Compass Tenders

Latitude East:Compass Tenders Latitude RangePhoto: Compass TendersCurvaceous with a full-length coachroof and maximized interior space. Latitude East has forward and aft access through powered glazed doors and seating for 12. A glazed roof opens aft and forwards to let the ocean breeze pass through while still protecting guests from the elements.Compass Tenders Latitude RangePhoto: Compass Tenders

Latitude South:Compass Tenders Latitude RangePhoto: Compass TendersThis tender comes with the same exterior profile as East, but the saloon opens to the aft deck. As with all the other tenders in the Latitude range a glazed roof protects guests from spray and wind.

Latitude West: Compass Tenders Latitude RangePhoto: Compass TendersA curved, sleek profile, but shortened to provide forward-facing exterior aft guest seating. Electronically operated doors open to reveal an interior with space to seat eight. Compass Tenders Latitude RangePhoto: Compass TendersHaving been built with only the finest marine technology and a tried and tested engineering package, Compass’s Latitude range confidently comes with a two-year warranty and the satisfaction of purchasing a reliable tender that will withstand the test of time. As the range is semi-customisable, customers can expect a reduced build time and lower costs.

Compass Tenders has announced the sale of three Latitude semi-custom tenders to date, all of which are currently in-build, the first of which is expected to be delivered in February 2019. If you’re considering ordering a Latitude Limousine for your next superyacht adventure, schedule your private meeting during the METSTRADE show by contacting Compass Tenders using the information below.



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