Millennium Cup Pacific Series 09: Oceanbridge shipping option to the Mediterranean

Oceanbridge Shipping are able to offer a sailing from Auckland to the Mediterranean after the Millennium Cup Regatta in Auckland. It is proposed to offer a Lift On / Lift Off service from Auckland to a western Mediterranean port loading at the end of February / early March.

This will enable those owners who wish to participate in the Millennium Cup Regatta to also have the possibility to ship their yachts back to the Mediterranean shortly after the event. This service will offer shipping yachts with rigs in, up to approximately 100 tonnes gross*, and the cost would be inclusive of a shipping cradle.

Oceanbridge Shipping Ltd are one of the leading yacht shipping specialists in New Zealand with a dedicated Marine Team experienced in the handling and shipping of yachts around the world.

Please contact Richard Thorpe, Project & Marine Trade Manager, Oceanbridge Shipping Ltd / +64 9 966 6573 / [email protected]



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