Ming, the most sophisticated wireless steward call system available

In the superyacht industry, nothing is more important than satisfying the owner's needs. Elegance, sophistication, cutting-edge technology, stunning design and the finest of materials are all combined in order to establish a contentment that is outstanding in every respect. From impeccable service to meticulous surroundings and astonishing gastronomy, every guest onboard a superyacht needs to feel pampered and be provided with an experience that will be cherished for a lifetime. With this respect, timing is of the uttermost importance. And this is where Ming comes into focus.

Introducing Ming: a chic and elegantly simple, wireless experience that blends into every surrounding onboard. Delicately shaped, luxuriously designed and attractively tactile, Ming is the most sophisticated wireless steward call system available. Delightful in appearance, the system consists of a gorgeously designed, hand-crafted button that allows guests to summon staff with one simple press of a button. Instantly, unobtrusively and effortlessly, one press calls for assistance anytime, anywhere onboard. And completely wireless, so Ming can be easily placed everywhere.

With Ming, gone is the need for those glaring pieces of overly present modern equipment, touch panels or bulky telephones. Without having to interrupt one's meal or conversation to make a call or receive a reply, a simple press on Ming's intuitive button is all it takes. Combining this impressively easy-to-use functionality with a level of luxury that is up to par with all of the vessel's interior designs, Ming is an ingenious and sophisticated solution that offers minimal complexity and maximum style. In fact, Ming couldn't be any easier to use, with two clearly distinct calls available: a short call and a long call. Ming was designed to execute this one simple task, and does so to perfection, perfectly elegant and with a delightfully gracious style. By way of confirmation, either the steward or the system can reply with a discreet and non-obtrusive signal via Ming's slim LED band, which encircles the button's chic exterior. This visual feedback offers reassurance that the call has been successfully received.

Ming's intelligent and instinctive mode of operation will quickly turn it into the owner's personal device, having met their desires with one simple press of this lush, stylish button. Equally impressive to Ming's look and feel is the lack of confusing operating instructions needed to successfully utilise the system. There is simply no time necessary to learn how to use the device. In all comfort and tranquillity, Ming is designed to incorporate all functions of an onboard steward call system, and has reduced it to the very essence. And because Ming's customisable and graceful appearance, using the device always lends an air of dignified finesse.

Installation of Ming's system onboard is a breeze, as a technical crew member can perform an installation large enough to service a 165-foot superyacht in under 90 minutes, even while at sea. From then onwards, Ming promises absolute reliability and user-friendliness, with built-in rechargeable batteries which last for weeks and need no replacements. As the crew is signalled for recharging on a docking station well in advance, Ming will function up to par 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.

It's delightfully easy to imagine a range of possibilities for Ming's steward call system. The device allows the owner to completely relax and enjoy the onboard experience, absolutely reassured that their needs are swiftly being met. In fact, Ming is so intelligent that it knows how to always summon the steward to the right place.

Aside from steward service, Ming can be deployed for a large amount of functions, making every guest onboard feel right at home. Due to the simple manner of operating, everybody can experience the joys and comforts of Ming. Even from the privacy of one's own stateroom, without the need to switch on the lights, Ming can be used to place a call. For instance, offering reassurance for those worried about their health, Ming can summon an onboard doctor anytime. Possibilities are limitless indeed.

Completely designed and manufactured in Germany, every Ming-button is a luxurious and tactile delight. Crafted from the finest of materials and with reliable, state-of-the-art technology of the level found in a Swiss timepiece, Ming was inspired by the controls and interiors of the world's finest limousines. Effortlessly surpassing the latter in comfort, style and usability, Ming offers a perfect mixture of German precision engineering and traditional craftsmanship. The result is an outstanding and unparalleled experience, wrapped in exquisite, gentle luxury.

Ming is aimed at appealing to every owner's taste. Therefore, the device is available in The Original Ming and The Constellation Series, which offers various options for a personalised look and feel. Additionally, the Bespoke Programme allows full customisation and will leave no wish unfulfilled. The device is designed with a gleaming metal service, tightly bound in the finest of leathers and clearly evoking the style of a nautical winch. Seamlessly blending into every nautical environment, each Ming boasts an impeccable image of beautifully hand-polished metal and meticulously hand-stitched leather. Always distinctive, sophisticated and ever so unassuming, The Original Ming shows finesse and elegance with beautiful chrome and smooth black leather while The Constellation Series offers a range of carefully selected options for leathers and platings. No less than 6 distinct leathers, with eloquent names such as Tobasco Cat, Spice and Hero, and chrome, 24 carat gold or ruthenium for plating, a range of refined combinations can be crafted.

The Ming Bespoke programme allows every owner the possibility to assure that every Ming onboard is tailored to perfectly match personal style and onboard design. From rare platinum coating and a diamond-encrusted LED-band, to one's personal logo. Or, for that matter, exotic hides such as iguana lizard or ostrich leg, or any custom leather supplied by the owner. As an extra service, the Ming Spare Hide Service will, upon request, store and preserve owner-specific leather for future replacement.

Where elegance and sophistication go hand in hand with cutting-edge technology and simplicity, there is Ming. And with unparalleled user-friendliness as one of the system's key ingredients, it's easy to imagine Ming being utilised in residential properties, luxury hotels and executive boardrooms.

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