Mirabella V assists crew of three in Atlantic rescue

The largest single masted yacht in the world, Mirabella V, assists 33 foot yacht in Atlantic rescue.

At nine oclock yesterday morning Falmouth Coastguard were contacted by their colleagues at Thames Coastguard who received a telephone call from a lady crew member on the yacht Compromise competing in the ARC Challenge 2006.

Falmouth Coastguard contacted the yacht and spoke to the lady crew member who reported that she had a medical emergency on board.

Falmouth Coastguard initiated broadcast action to locate any vessel in the area that could assist. They received a response from the Mirabella V, who offered their assistance to go and evacuate the three crew from the 32 foot yacht Compromise.

At eight oclock this evening, the Mirabella V contacted Falmouth Coastguard to report that they had safely evacuated the three, and had set adrift the 32 foot yacht Compromise with a mast head light showing.

John Rossiter, Watch Manager, Falmouth Coastguard said:

We are pleased the UK Coastguard were able to coordinate assistance to the three crew of the Compromise, and would like to thank the owners and crew of the Mirabella V for their assistance in the safe evacuation of the three sailors.



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