5 questions with Monaco Marine’s Customer Success Department

Written by Laura Nicholls

In the nearly 25 years since Michel Ducros established Monaco Marine, the superyacht industry has evolved a huge amount. Right from the start, Michel had an expansive vision for the future of Monaco Marine and their high-quality service. It is one of the superyacht industry’s best-known refit yards tailored for yachts up to 180m+ and a network of eight sites - the original marina being in Monaco. The yard’s continued success has warranted the establishment of a customer success department who are dedicated to the clients of Monaco Marine and their experience whilst at the yard. Customer satisfaction is at the core of the department’s concerns and is overseen by the customer success team: Aldric Bullot, head of customer success and Johanna Leroy, communications and events manager, who have decided to join their knowledge of customer experience to form the department. Monaco Marine La Seyne refit yardPhoto: Guillaume Plisson / Monaco MarineSince the department was put together in March 2019, Aldric Bullot has maintained the ambition that 100% of the yachts accommodated by the shipyard return as repeat clients. As simple as the objective may be, SuperYacht Times speaks with the Monaco Marine team to find out more about the company's technicalities, future plans and its customer success department. 

Monaco Marine Marketing"Pleasure is a serious matter"

What do you consider the main drivers for customer success?

The customer success department is focused on promising the best welcome to all clients and so we consider the five most important 'care values' for achieving our promise to be as follows: listening to our clients and their comments, being available at any time, goodwill and trust, empathy and making solid relationships and being happy! Even something so simple as sharing a smile is one of the ingredients of good customer service and satisfaction.Monaco Marine MarketingCan you give examples of how Monaco Marine uses the customer success department on a typical day-to-day?

When our clients arrive at Monaco Marine, there is a welcome meeting for captains and heads of departments. They get a welcome gift, a tour of the site and are introduced to the different teams, workshops, offices, directors and crew support (we have a team dedicated to this). Then we present the works planned for the following days. During the refit, the Monaco Marine teams are always present and they take care of the crew whenever they need.Monaco Marine MarketingOnce the shipyard period is completed, Monaco Marine organises a "see you soon" meeting which is also the occasion to collect the captain's feedback on how we have taken care of them from their first steps on-site to the last. We also do this on-site during the yacht’s stay with the crew. This fundamental exchange allows us to make sure we are improving every day to offer the best service. For example, we have recently created a beautiful crew gym with a view out to sea and renovated all crew areas at our La Ciotat yard. We have also improved our materials and accessories and even put bicycles at the crew's disposal. Regarding safety, we have added extinguishers on access towers - all because of the feedback we have received which helps to reinforce our existing processes.

Finally, we also organise more and more activities and events for captains and crew. We have weekly and monthly activities like yoga, coaching, themed parties, go-karting, wine tours, bike rides, spa trips and more. Our region is very rich and beautiful: we have mountains, sea and the quaint towns in the south of France and so we try to make sure the crew are able to discover these treasures when they are visiting us!Monaco Marine MarketingHow has the customer success department contributed to the company’s expansion?

Our process is a continuous cycle on all levels, for both customers and employees who we try to always keep happy and efficient. We collect the reviews from the clients during and after their stay at our shipyards, obtain their feedback and consequently take the right measures to improve. Firstly, this elevates our customers because thanks to them we are able to reinforce our services, as well as safety, quality and facilities. Secondly, it contributes to the development of the yacht and its owner and the success of the project.

Monaco Marine Marketing
What is unique about Monaco Marine’s customer success department?

It's care values which are of vital importance. Beyond customer satisfaction, the customer success values are expanded in the whole Monaco Marine group. It gives us a unique identity. Monaco Marine shipyard marketingPhoto: Guillaume PlissonThese services are planned to reach the other shipyards by 2020. What will the customer success department add to La Seyne-Toulon and Marseille? What can we expect?

The Monaco Marine service is consistent regardless of whether you are in La Ciotat, La Seyne-Toulon or Marseille or the other shipyards, but, the customer success benefits are well settled in the La Ciotat shipyard and we are working on developing this across the new shipyards to join and reinforce the synergies across all of our sites. For example, we are exploring the possibility of organising common events with captains and crew of all three shipyards - all part of the fun agenda planned for 2020! We are working on a busy schedule. The best is yet to come!

If you would like to know more about the services offered by Monaco Marine, contact the company directly using the information found below. 



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