Monaco Yacht Show in Numbers

Written by Georgia Tindale

With the Monaco Yacht Show kicking off this Wednesday and all the excitement brewing for this mainstay of the yachting calendar, we’ve taken a look at the numbers behind the MYS from 2015-7 to give you an in-depth insight into the evolution and progression of the show over the last three years.  

Monaco Yacht Show - Gallery Day 1

Monaco SightingBeginning with the total number of yachts across the three-year period, the number of motor yachts was 287 and there was a total number of 39 sailing yachts exhibited at the show. The combined total of motor and sailing yachts was therefore 326 yachts.

MYS 2015-7 Infographic: Fleet Evolution 2015-7

In terms of fleet evolution at the MYS, there has been a slight decrease, with a total of 110 yachts exhibited at the 2015 show, decreasing by one to 109 in 2016, and a further decrease of two yachts in 2017 to 107. The ratio of motor yachts to sailing yachts has remained largely similar, with 97, 92 and 98 motor yachts present at the shows in 2015, 16 and 17 respectively, and 13, 17 and nine sailing yachts present during these years.

MYS 2015-7 Infographic: length, volume and fleet numberThe average length of yachts at the show over the three-year period was 49.47-metres for motor yachts and 43.75-metres for sailing yachts. The average length of both types of yacht combined was 48.78-metres.

Moving over to the average volume between from 2015-7, motor yachts came in at almost three times as large, with an average volume of 664.55 GT (gross tonnage) compared to 257.97 GT in sailing yachts. The average total for motor and sailing was 615.91 GT.

MYS 2015-7 Infographic, Average age of yachtsThe average age of yachts displayed was seven years old for sailing yachts, nine years old for motor yachts, with a total average of seven years old across the two categories.

MYS Infographic 2015-7, top 5 countries

Onto the top five countries with yachts at the show over the past three years, Italy had by far the most yachts exhibited at 124, with the Netherlands coming in second at 84 and Turkey third with 21 yachts. Coming in at joint fourth were the USA and the UK, with 16 yachts each.

MYS 2015-7 Infographic: Top 10 shipyards

For the top 10 shipyards exhibiting yachts at the show during this period, there were three in joint first: Feadship and Benetti Spa both displayed five new and 15 used yachts (a total of 20) over the three years, and Heesen Yachts presented four new and 16 used yachts, with the same total. In joint second place were Sanlorenzo and Amels, who both exhibited 14 yachts, followed by Lürssen Yachts in third with 11, and Sunseeker with 10 in fourth place.

Further down the list, Perini Navi exhibited nine yachts, and Trinity Yachts LLC and Baglietto S.P.A just made it into the top 10, exhibiting eight yachts each in total. Notably, the shipyard with the most new yachts was Sanlorenzo, coming in with eight new yachts.

MYS Infographic 2015-7: Fleet share, asking prices, old vs. new

Looking ahead to this year’s show, the presumed statistics for the proportion of used versus new yachts is 63% used and 37% new. In addition, the presumed statistics for the fleet share by type this year is 92% motor yachts, 8% sailing yachts.

Finally, the presumed total asking prices for both motor and sailing yachts combined (as a sum of the estimated value in euros) is 2,627,224,100, and as an average of the estimated value of the yachts is 24,553,496. For motor yachts, the sum of the estimated value in euros is 2,498,019,100, with an average of the estimated value in euros of 25,489.991. Finally, for sailing yachts, the sum of the estimated value in euros is 129,205,000, and the average of the estimated value in euros is 14,356,111.

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