Monaco Yachting & Technologies unveils 50m and 56m superyachts

The Monaco Yachting & Technologies (MY&T) 50m superyacht was designed with the objective to offer the comfort and volume of a larger superyacht combined with the advantages of a compact vessel, such as very low fuel consumption and reduced operational costs. Despite the classic exterior profile the MY&T 50m has been engineered for unlimited worldwide operation and features a very stable and seaworthy hull form.

Before the final hull form was tank tested at the HSVA facility in Hamburg, Germany Computer Fluid Dynamic (CFD) simulations calculated the optimum body lines required for such a challenging mission.

Due to the large scale model tested, very precise resistance data has been achieved. Furthermore the vessel features a Rolls Royce retractable, active and “at anchor” fin stabilizer system which will provide low drag and exceptional comfort and safety in any sea-state.

The very strong high tensile steel hull features a Navy-ship style longitudinal and transversal structure which is a fundamental element of the MY&T design philosophy.

Due to her unique engine room/bottom deck arrangement the yacht features a very generous seven cabin layout for the Owner and Guest areas, including a 35m² gym adjacent to the private beach.

Another new project from Monaco Yachting & Technologies is the high-tec MY&T 56m. The hull form anticipates the installation of two Voith Schneider VSP propellers in combination with a full diesel electric power plant along the lines of the MY&T 40m YuKo, which was delivered in 2007.

In combination with the Kongsberg Dynamic Positioning system the superyacht will provide the highest level of safety in adverse weather conditions and unparalleled operational flexibility.



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