Moorage dilemma solved for Pacific Northwest

Over twenty years ago, the extreme shortage of moorage for larger vessels, drove entrepreneurs and avid boaters, Steve Thorpe-Doubble and Terry Petras, to look for a solution to the increasing demand. Fast forward twenty years and millions of dollars later and you’ll find they’ve come up with an answer to the now critical demand for moorage — Chemainus Quay & Marina.

Chemainus Quay Marina will soon become home to 48 new high-end floating residences, all with accompanying moorage able to accommodate yachts of up to 120 feet. Construction is underway and the marina which will cater to both permanent and transient boat owners with its five - 10 foot wide by 375 foot long, golf cart-friendly, moorage stringers. By connecting four floating vessels, each consisting of twelve residences, to a fifth vessel housing a restaurant/lounge, spa and fitness facility, the Chemainus

Quay Marina will form a permanent 400 foot long floating breakwater. The entire complex will be built in phases—one vessel at a time—to ensure each 12-unit section is completed in a timely manner. The commercial vessel will be the last addition to the complex.

Fortunately, not only have the two partners hit on a critical need for boaters everywhere but they’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that it was done right. Environmental impact studies and consultants have been brought in over the years to ensure that not only will the ecosystem of Chemainus Bay remain unharmed but it will actually be enhanced. Residents can rest assured knowing that an investment in Chemainus Quay Marina means that they are doing their part for the environment as well. Strategically positioned underwater cameras will even allow residents to view the bay’s marine life in real time.

The initial offering will include twelve exclusive residences starting at just $550 per square foot and the demand is anticipated to be high. Each spacious residence will feature a gourmet kitchen, two master suites and high-end finishings but, of course, the luxurious residence will pale in comparison to the natural beauty that surrounds the marina.

Few protected cruising waters in the world can match the pristine coastlines of the San Juan and Gulf Islands of the Pacific Northwest for its temperate climate and stunning scenery. While the cosmopolitan cities of Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle are closeby, residents can still enjoy the freedom of knowing that the town of Chemainus is just a short walk away. Chemainus or the “city of murals” is famous for its walking mural tour, dinner theatre, boutiques, shops and quiet lunch spots in one of the many cafés or bistros.

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