Morley Yachts to offer Yacht Carbon Offset charters

Morley Yachts is to offer to balance carbon emissions for its charter clients, in an innovation for 2009. Morley’s clients enjoy some of the world’s leading yachts and most beautiful destinations. Now, the “carbon footprint” from these charters will be offset by greenhouse gas savings from projects around the world, through Yacht Carbon Offset.

Morley Yachts’ Tim Morley commented: “We are always looking for ways to create the most positive charter experience. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to find something better to offer guests than champagne or flowers. It is our new way of saying: thank you for your business. I believe it is something that will be welcomed by many, and it should be the icing on the cake following the great personal service we offer throughout the process of selecting a yacht for charter, contracting, and planning the cruise. We are pleased to be working with Yacht Carbon Offset to introduce this for 2009, and we think Mark Robinson is doing a great job.”

Yacht Carbon Offset’s Mark Robinson added: “We warmly welcome the leadership shown by Morley yachts in addressing a hot topic for clients from all walks of life. Taking action to balance carbon emissions is a new, positive element to the superyacht experience, and will appeal especially to those clients that have a passion for yachting and a desire to do something about their carbon footprint.

Yacht Carbon Offset Limited
Mark Robinson - Managing Director
+44 20 7016 7700
[email protected]

Morley Yachts
Tim Morley - Managing Director
+33 4 92 93 90 36
[email protected]



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