Here’s what one of the most powerful diesel outboard engines looks like

Written by Laura Nicholls

If offered a chance to witness a high-performance 300HP diesel outboard in action, most yacht enthusiasts wouldn’t hesitate to say ‘yes’. And that’s exactly what happened when SuperYacht Times was offered to power up the CXO300 from Cox Powertrain which came off the production line during the spring of this year. Outboard tender boat at Genoa Boat ShowCreating such a super-charged product doesn’t happen overnight. Starting with just two engineers in 2008, the last few years saw the team grow to 50. Principal engineer Vince Parry explains how the Cox team moved the CXO300 concept to conveyor belt: “This is the first purpose-built marine diesel outboard engine designed from the ground up. We were ensuring it catered specifically for marine propulsion, which isn’t something that has been seen before in diesel outboards.”Cox Powertrain CXO300 diesel outboard engine Initial sketches were first drawn several years ago, with the design undergoing intensive development and testing since. The aim was to ensure the outboard could last up to three times longer than anything already on the market. Once the eight cylinders are fired up, the engine not only gives a smooth and quiet ride but has a low carbon footprint – something the Cox team rightly like to shout about. “To put it simply, the CXO300 requires 25% less fuel than a gasoline outboard and as a result, achieves a far greater range,” adds Parry.Cox Powertrain CXO300 diesel outboard engine Boasting smart V8 diesel technology, the purpose-designed 300hp engine comes with a promise to deliver benefits in maintenance, fuel consumption, emissions and torque. Judging by the orders already made by Gulf Yachts, Ring Power and Diesel Power, the demand among boat owners for diesel outboard motors is on the rise and the Cox Powertrain manufacturing team are ready. The company’s significant investment in a brand-new manufacturing plant in the UK means that one engine can be produced every hour. Plus, with the engine being compatible with a wide range of vessels and Seastar EPS steering set-ups, many more yacht owners are set to feel the thrill of top-end diesel power.Cox Powertrain CXO300 diesel outboard engine To find out how to get the CXO300 installed on your boat, contact your local Cox Powertrain distributor.



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