MTN introduces flexible cost-effective satellite communication service for megayachts

MTN Satellite Communications (MTN), the chosen provider for over 40 of the world’s 100 largest yachts, announces the introduction of a new flexible, cost-effective satellite communication service for megayachts with varying bandwidth requirements.

The new FlexNet service provides unlimited “Always-On” Internet for browsing and e-mail, plus up to two independent phone lines. The data and phone circuits can be used simultaneously without interference. It takes advantage of MTN’s multi-regional Ku-Band satellite network, with advanced Automatic Beam Switching (ABS) technology to provide seamless connectivity around the world.

“FlexNet is designed to meet flexible requirements for megayachts, whether it’s a short-term contract for the Caribbean or Mediterranean cruising season only, or it’s a temporary upgrade to a higher-bandwidth plan for an owner or charter,” said Derik Wagner, managing director of MTN’s yacht services business. “When the yacht is occupied only by the captain and crew, they can take advantage of the FlexNet baseline service level at a lower monthly cost. When the owner and guests or charter parties come aboard, the level of service can be upgraded to support the higher-bandwidth requirements.”

MTN’s unique ABS technology automatically selects the optimum satellite signal in areas of multi-beam coverage and redirects the antenna as the yacht moves from one satellite’s footprint to another. It also minimizes disruptions caused by signal blockage from the vessel’s superstructure or other nearby buildings when in port.

FlexNet offers a unique value proposition that cannot be matched by other VSAT suppliers, combining the lower-cost hardware, flexible monthly service plans, and MTN’s seamless multi-beam coverage over the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean, Pacific islands and other popular cruising waters,” said Wagner.

In addition to FlexNet, MTN also offers its DirectNet guaranteed bandwidth service for megayachts requiring the use of more demanding applications such as video streaming, online trading or IPTV, where constant bandwidth is a must.

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