MTN Satellite Communications expands worldwide TV network into yacht markets

MTN Satellite Communications (MTN), the global provider of communications,connectivity and content services to remote locations around the world, today announced that MTN Worldwide TV is now available to commercial shipping, ferry, oil & gas and yacht customers that want access to licensed content including news, entertainment and sports for their crew, guests and owners.

MTN Worldwide TV is the first fully-digital, multi-channel television service for the maritime industry. Leveraging MTN’s global infrastructure, the service utilizes overlapping satellite beams that integrate seamlessly with a vessel’s existing Television Receive-Only (TVRO) antenna and onboard video distribution system. MTN ensures viewers at sea receive reliable, uninterrupted service - regardless of location - by managing the satellite network and content. In addition, MTN Worldwide TV is available in all ocean regions and is a great core TV service to supplement any existing programming that might be lost when the vessel is at sea.

MTN Worldwide TV has delivered premium content to the cruise industry for the past four years and currently supports 78 vessels across 20 cruise lines. MTN has built the most comprehensive solution for broadcast television and continually exceeds the needs of customers.

“We believe that all sea farers should have access to quality entertainment and current event programming, including live news, sports and special events like the Olympics, award shows or organizational events. MTN Worldwide TV provides consistent, cost effective content on a global scale, aiding in building crew morale and delivering on-board internal communications, information and entertainment,” said Brad Briggs, Senior Vice President and General Manager, MTN Commercial Shipping & Energy Services. “Receiving secured, licensed content aboard a ship or remote platform at sea can be challenging, yet we are able to do this seamlessly, regardless of location, without requiring a vessel to swap out receivers or change service providers.”

MTN Worldwide TV delivers programming from eight major U.S. and international television networks including BBC World News, CNBC, Fox News, MSNBC, Sky News, Sky Sports News, Sport 24 and E! Entertainment Television.

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