MYBA announces new spring brokerage yacht show

MYBA, The Worldwide Yachting Association, has announced its intention to run a Super Yacht Brokerage Show in Nice in the Spring of 2012. Preliminary discussions are well underway with local authorities for the concept of hosting a low cost yacht show to be run by the industry for the industry.

The show will focus on the large sailing and motor yacht brokerage market and will have an emphasis on giving brokerage houses a simple, cost conscious, efficient platform to encourage super yacht sales.

As the owner of the successful MYBA Yacht Charter Show in Genoa, MYBA is no stranger to yacht shows and intends to bring many of the effective, yet no nonsense features from the Genoa show to this new super yacht brokerage event.

Of course, will be there in the spring of 2012, to cover this new show.

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