Mystery Yacht: February 2019

Written by Malcolm John Wood

Think you've got what it takes to identify our Mystery Yacht? This year, SYT's revered in-house yacht historian and archivist, Malcolm Wood will be testing your yacht-spotting knowledge to the limit in a series featuring historic yachts selected from his archives that were rarely mentioned or photographed in their day.

Mystery Yacht February Photo: Malcolm Wood Yachting Archive

This month’s Mystery Yacht was one of the largest yachts in the world when she was delivered over 80 years ago.  Measuring over 100 metres in length, this German-built vessel served as an armed yacht in the US Navy in WWII.

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Malcolm's latest history feature exploring the Defoe Cruisemasters can be found in the January/February issue of The SuperYacht Times newspaper, which is exclusively available via subscription.  

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