Nahema 120's interior is taking shape

While vacuum-bagging tests are being conducted on the moulds of the Nahema 120 (the largest composite catamaran in built at the moment), the interior modules are well underway.

The interior, designed by Franck Darnet Design, is an important key to the success of the Nahema range. The contemporary yet warm design has attracted a lot of attention from the public all through the most recent International Boat Shows. Franck Darnet and Karine Rousseau (Franck’s Miami based partner) have succeeded in designing a comfortable yacht perfectly matching Nahema’s motto: perfection, performance and space.

Franck Darnet:
“The Nahema is unique and fascinating because there are almost no restrictions in terms of space and style. It really is a "no limit" catamaran. The design is contemporary, elegant and refined but still warm with the right equilibrium. It was very important to Karine Rousseau and I to unite the interior and exterior of the yacht in order to create a living space with an area of more than 150 m2, never seen on a 120 feet unit before. The amazing width of the sliding windows between the cockpit and the salon is the perfect expression of the Nahema’s design.”

For the design team “space is luxury”. They also have innovated in creating “loft style suites” in which the sleeping and bathing areas are not separated by a bulkhead but by a sliding tinted glass window. Up, the window separates the two parts for more privacy. Down, it dramatically increases the size of the room.

From a more technical point of view the modules for both hulls have been built full size on the side. When ready, they will be lifted and fitted directly into the hulls. It works just like a puzzle jigsaw. The different pieces correspond to the guests, the owners’ bedroom, the offices with their sofa, the bath rooms, the skipper and crew quarters. Walking by and inside them gives a real idea of the impressive size of the Nahema 120.

Nahema insisted on the fact that the interior decoration should be as light as possible to maximize the yacht’s performance. The walls and the furniture are made of teak sheets laminated on nida-core honeycomb panels. They are light and also respect the noise and vibration limits specified for such a high quality yacht.

Infusion of the Nahema 120’s first hull should start in a few days.



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