Nature inspired 40 metre superyacht design by Moore Yacht Design

Yesterday we published Moore Yacht Design's recently unveiled 90 metre superyacht design. Today we can show you a 40 metre sailing sloop, an innovative and refreshing break away from the traditional sailing yacht, and, the first sailing yacht to be revealed by Moore Yacht Design.

It represents a new generation, crisp, sailing yacht with its' simple surfaces accentuated with imaginative detail and much of the design features influenced by nature .Andy Moore has incorporated distinctive forms which fit comfortably together to create the unique surfaces demonstrated in this sloop concept.

Inspired by the cheetah, the form of the hull towards the aft end has elegant haunches, creating the impression of movement, even when the yacht is stationary. The total length of the yacht is accentuated by these lines continuing and wrapping over the bow of the yacht, creating an impression of length.

The yacht's powerful sails, fittingly, are inspired by nature. It was the similarity of watching the effortless flight of insects moving through the air to the manner in which ocean going yachts move through the water which led to the development of the unique pattern on the sails mirroring that of an insect's wing.

The inspiration for the sleek, stepped, glass panelled areas came from the armadillo with its' bony plates covering its' back, head, legs and tail. Andy believes it gives a " glowing" look to the surface of the yacht and that the design allows for the interior of the yacht to take full advantage of the natural light and the spectacular ocean views. Continuing with the animal theme the side windows give the impression of a wild animal looking at you.

Situated in the aft of the lower deck is a very spacious, full beam owner's suite, with three additional guest suite cabins arranged with one forward and the remaining two farther aft.

The garage for the tender is located at the aft end. Once the tender is removed the area converts into an attractive beach club.

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