Nauta Design ​unveils ​14.4 ​m​etre​ Toy Tender 47

Nauta Design has unveiled the 14.4 m etre Toy Tender 47’, a 14.4 metre tender designed for Toy Marine.

The Tender’s exterior design features a modern superstructure, wide deck space and seamless access to the sea from a low deck level. The large cockpit, open transom, comfortable dinette under the deckhouse and a combination of layouts featuring up to 2 double cabins, make her a flexible motorboat for a variety of uses and seasons.

Toy Tender 47’ is powered by 2x Cummins QSB 6,7 480 hp at 3300 rpm combined either with ZF Zeus 3000 Pod drive system or Hamilton HJ 322 Jet drive system.

This model has been enthusiastically received by customers, with five units being sold in under two years. Hull #5 was launched recently, featuring a new propulsion with jet drive system.

By Gemma Fottles



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