Nautica designs side door for inflatable boat

Nautica International announces its new inflatable tube-mounted side door. So unique it’s patented, the dive door is an opening in the side of the Nautica inflatable boat – right through its tube.

Hinged so it opens downward into the water, the door becomes a ladder with 2 steps built into it. When closed, the perfectly sealed fiberglass door fits into fiberglass flanges built into the inflatable tube. The outside of the door exactly matches the curve of the inflatable tube so it blends completely into the side of the boat.

The Nautica side door was developed in response to customers’ requests for an easier way to get back inside the boat after sw imming. For children or older adults, or for divers wearing gear, the large diameter inflatable tubes on rigid inflatable boats are difficult to climb over even with a ladder.

The side door essentially provides an opening in the side of the boat’s tube for the swimmer to simply step through. Two rubber handles are positioned low on the tube where the swimmer can grab them, and a third handle inside the boat helps the person enter. An optional removable boarding pole shown here provides an extra handhold.

The fiberglass side door is lightweight and easy to lift when closing it, and is held in place securely with stainless latches. The design of the door flanges prevents any water leakage when closed. A raised lip on the deck resists water entry when the door is open, even in rough seas.

Currently available on its 19’, 22’ and 24’ models, Nautica has plans to design a door for its 15’ through 18’ models this summer.



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