Coolest features of Nautique’s ski, wakeboard and surf boats

Written by Parisa Hashempour

Whether you are a wakeboarder, water-skier or just an ocean-side onlooker, there’s a lot to love about taking a toy out for a spin during your next yachting trip. And nothing quite sets off a sparkle in the eyes of guests and owners like the crew rolling out one of the super-cool waterski, wakeboard or wakesurf boats from Nautique. Nautique waterski, wakeboard and wakesurf boats When it comes to picking your wake and wave boat, you might already have set your heart on a Nautique model. The brand is home to high-tech, market-leading designs and state-of-the-art services and, thanks to their new dealer partnership, Superyacht Nautique, it’s even easier to get your hands on one.

Overseen by Superyacht Tenders and Toys’ (SYTT) project manager and resident Nautique expert, Angus Gilmour, Superyacht Nautique will be dedicated to the sale and project management of Nautique boats, servicing superyachts worldwide. So, anyone looking to purchase a Nautique model should make Superyacht Nautique their first port of call. 

Here, we share the best features about Nautique boats and why they might just be what your superyacht is missing.Nautique waterski, wakeboard and wakesurf boats Built with top technology

Boats such as Nautique’s GS22E provide an hour and a half of non-stop towing time for surfing, skiing and wakeboarding. With a maximum speed of 70kp/h the batteries can be recharged in just two hours, which means breaks between rides can be kept to a minimum. Plus they give the crew the easy solution of charging directly from the mothership. Nautique waterski, wakeboard and wakesurf boats Bespoke demands? No problem 

The Superyacht Nautique team has extensive superyacht and tender project management experience. That means they have the in-house knowledge to offer advice and customisation specific to your yachting requests. 

They don’t shy away from challenging tender integrations. So, from a custom lifting point to carbon towers, removable windscreens or a bespoke paint job, if you need something different or difficult done, chances are they’ve done it before. And if they haven't? They’re ready to take on the challenge. 

As Angus Gilmour says: “Nautique really is leading the charge when it comes to wake and wave boats worldwide. Whether it’s the overall quality of the final product or the wave that a Nautique boat produces, they are second to none. Nautique is passionate about evolving the boats to match their clients’ requirements. This high-level customisation, coupled with performance, makes Nautique a great fit for the superyacht industry.” Nautique waterski, wakeboard and wakesurf boats A variety of engine options 

If the new 100% electric configuration (exclusive to the GS22E model) doesn’t float your boat, Nautique also offers a Yanmar diesel option for G23 and G25 models. Owners could also opt for one of Nautique’s selected gasoline engines, which are some of the most advanced gasoline engines in the marine industry.Nautique waterski, wakeboard and wakesurf boats
Top-tier customer service and support  

Superyacht Nautique prides itself on its customer service and second-to-none knowledge of what it does. “The combination of our industry knowledge at SYTT and the quality of Nautique’s products will make for a great client experience, and we are all excited about the launch of Superyacht Nautique,” says Angus.

Superyacht Nautique manages every phase of a new boat order project. From the initial consultation to the design, creation and delivery of the Nautique to any destination in the world, the team from Superyacht Nautique will ensure the logistics run smoothly.Nautique waterski, wakeboard and wakesurf boats To learn more about Superyacht Nautique visit their website here or find them via the details found below.



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