Neff Yacht Sales now offering Tender Shipyard SAS superyacht tenders

Neff Yacht Sales has recently partnered with the French based Tender Shipyard SAS, with the goal of bringing a new trend of yacht tenders to the world of yachting. Jared Neff, President of Neff Yacht Sales is excited to be representing this amazing brand of tenders. "People don't want to spend 50 million on a yacht and put a rubber or plastic tender on it. They want a tender built with the style and technology that matches what they just put in their new yacht."

French Yacht designer, builder and naval architect, Philippe Cabon spent 25 years building racing sailboats and motor yachts as well as the Tresco Tenders. As founder of Tender Shipyard he was one of the first in France to use the vacuum and pre-preg process used in racing boats to build remarkably unique and functional tenders.

Tender Shipyard SAS specialises in tender construction for motor yachts, super yachts and sailing yachts. They are built in carbon fibre and epoxy resin with pre-preg for the hull and infusion for the deck. Designed with the same technology of the Formula One and Indy Race cars they are strong, light and rigid. The hull design enables the vessel to turn 90 degrees in less than 15 meters while moving at speeds of 35 plus knots.

The exterior design of the tenders is inspired by the muscle cars of the 1950s. Tender Shipyard prides themselves on the ability to customise tenders to meet not only the specifications of the owner's yachts but also their lifestyle. Recently The Tender Shipyard custom made a 7 metre fitted aboard the motor yacht Burkut a 53 metre vessel launched by Baglietto.

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