New 127m superyacht concept revealed

Written by Georgia Tindale

The French studio YXXI Yacht Design has unveiled their latest superyacht concept: The 127-metre Project #4. 

YXXI Yacht Design 127m concept With her appearance influenced by aerospace and car design, this new yacht concept boasts all the features you would expect from a modern and comfortable yacht, aiming to provide her guests with an incomparable experience on board, focusing on maximising enjoyment of the sea, sports and entertainment.

On board, Project #4 would accommodate an impressive 30 guests and 46 crewmembers, with the style and general arrangement of the interior spaces adaptable to her owner's requests. 

YXXI Yacht Design 120m concept All rooms would be equipped with electrochromic glass windows that can be automatically or manually tinted to protect them from the sunlight and prevent the visibility from outside, with an elevator enabling easy access to all decks for guests. 

YXXI Yacht Design 127m concept The upper deck offers ample space for relaxation, under the sun or in the shadow of the mast surface, and a large sunbathing area. The deck's high position provides guests with a wide overview of the environment, and privacy at anchor or when moored in a port. In addition, as a bonus feature, the mast hides an outdoor cinema screen.YXXI Yacht Design 127m concept On the middle part of the sundeck is a dedicated sports area, with a full-size tennis court and equipment for basketball, football, badminton, golf, or any other sport. An integrated folding net prevents balls from falling in the water, and can also provide protection from the sun. 

In the front part of this deck, the owner's suite can be found, with its own spa and private terrace overlooking the yacht bow. Thanks to the sliding glass roof, this terrace can also be enjoyed as an enclosed space.

YXXI Yacht Design 127m concept The majority of the space on the deck below is taken up by eight guest suites. The two rear suites open on their own private terrace and spa, with a wide view across the sea, with the other suites surrounded by wide balconies for relaxation.  YXXI Yacht Design 127m concept

The main deck is split between private, living and service spaces. The rear part of the superstructure contains the upper saloon and the dining room. Wide doors open on a terrace that can be shaded by a roller sunblind and then used as an exterior dining room or saloon. 

The central part is occupied by the galley, food and equipment storage rooms, and other service areas. The front part is occupied by six additional guests suites, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the sea. The guest suites have direct access to the foredeck by a folding door in the superstructure.

YXXI Yacht Design 127m concept On the foredeck, the helipad also features a lifting platform of 11 metres. Below the dining terrace is the main terrace and the 12-by-8 metre swimming pool, which is surrounded by both shaded and sunny spaces. Nine feet deep, the swimming pool has side walls made of glass, creating an astounding view from the lower level.

On both sides of the terrace, stairs lead down to the open beach club at water level. When entering the yacht, the first room is the main saloon, featuring relaxing spaces with games and multimedia equipment. For entertaining guests, a 30-seat movie theatre and a video games room can be found in the main salon. YXXI Yacht Design 127m concept At water level, folding hull doors on both sides of the yacht give access to various guests and service areas. On the port and starboard sides, the two most forward hull doors open onto entertainment equipment which the studio claims has never seen on a yacht before: a golf and surfing indoor practice installations. With open or closed doors, guests can still improve their surfing or golf skills at any time of the day, whatever the weather outside. 

The next two hull doors open on the tender garage which can store tenders and toys measuring up to 12 metres.

YXXI Yacht Design 127m concept

Port side, another hull door opens up to a space suitable for boarding and unboarding operations for a submarine, with all the necessary equipment for scuba diving also available. 

The aft hull doors open on a covered beach club, with a wide sea-view, which can either be used as a saloon or an evening entertainment space. Adjacent, guests can find a fitness room, a massage room, a hair and body-care room, a spa and a sauna.

YXXI Yacht Design 127m concept At the rear of the yacht is the open beach club, with a large sunbathing area, and space to accommodate additional equipment or furniture.

As for the yacht's propulsion, YXXI imagined two different eco-friendly solutions, each of them with two in-line propellers and a battery bank supplied by autonomous generators. In the first solution, propellers can be driven by both diesel and electric engines via a specific gearbox. 

An additional small unidirectional thruster is installed aft of the hull for easy manoeuvring. In the second solution, in line propellers are driven by diesel engines only, and an additional electric azimuthing pod allows silent navigation and easy manoeuvring.

In both cases, at cruising speed, the yacht is driven by diesel engines working at their nominal speed for maximum fuel savings and emission reduction. At low speed, only silent electrical energy is used. At high speed, diesel and electric sources can be mixed to have maximum power.



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