New 130m mooring spaces at Marina Genova Aeroporto

During the recent Genoa Boat Show the Marina Genova Aeroporto officially opened its new dock suited for superyachts up to 130 metres. The new dock adds 4 mooring spots for yachts of 130 metres each, and a further 2 spaces for 90 metre superyachts. These spaces come in addition to the moorings already catering for yachts up to 90 metres.

"Our dock offers the widest availability in the whole of the Mediterranean of moorings for superyachts," said Giuseppe Pappalardo, CEO of S.S.P. - Società Sviluppo Porti, the management company for the Marina. “Now Genoa can also join the exclusive club of ideal moorings for giga yachts. Our Marina can accommodate these large vessels while providing secure landings and high quality services which are a feature of our internationally acknowledged unique degree of competence.”

The marina’s unique location in the central Mediterranean and its close proximity to an international airport makes Marina Genova Aeroporto an ideal stopover for superyachts cruising in the region.

By Charl van Rooy



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