New 26 metre world cruiser schooner yacht project

This 26 meters World cruiser schooner yacht project, from yacht designer Luc Vernet and to be built by Far East Yachts boatyard, is the result of a navigation program of extended cruising and living aboard for a couple with eventual children or friends, helped by a small crew, but with initial and running costs far below those of most boats in that range.

Since the navigation program is basically unlimited and includes exploring the most remote areas, this yacht had to be fit for warmest to the coldest climates, capable to access shallows, withstand the worst weather, be self-sufficient for long periods, give very good performance under both sail and power, and be handled by a single person in most conditions.

Besides that, the Owners have to be able to organize large receptions aboard and feel at ease in luxurious marinas, just as well as being safe in fishing or commercial harbors, and ultimately be most comfortable both at sea and at anchor.

The yacht's construction price is just over 1 million Euros (depending on specifications) in wood epoxy hull and FRP sandwich superstructure, excluding electronics and security. There is however also the option to have the hull and superstructure in aluminum.

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