New 55m sailing superyacht concept Gemma

Written by Gemma Fottles

The latest design from the young Italian design team comprised of Antonino Muto and Alberto Franchi is the following 55-metre sloop. Named Gemma, the sailing superyacht accommodates up to 12 guests on board over six staterooms in addition to a crew of eight.

The designers state that the most unique aspect of Gemma’s design is the deckhouse, which is fully glazed with the capability to change opacity. Elaborating on this feature, the pair state: “The glass that forms the deckhouse is electrochromic, i.e. has the capacity of turning the deckhouse completely dull so that it protects from the sun, or into an environment completely clear during the evening hours to the user's discretion. We conceived a deckhouse of this type because we wanted a covered space that could put the user in touch with the environment that surrounds him whether he is inside or out.”



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