New bespoke veterinary service launched to superyacht industry

A new company has been launched in order to cater to transient superyachts carrying pets on board. Founded by Dr Siobhan Brade, Superyacht Vet Service was begun after Brade worked on several yachts as a veterinary advisor, including the 42 metre The Big Blue and the 90 metre Athena.

A member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the New Zealand Veterinary Council Register, Brade worked in a small animal practice before moving to work with superyachts. With a wide knowledge of animal import processes and a strong understanding of the superyacht industry, Brade aims to deliver a quick-response and discrete service.

With many countries having very different immigration and pet quarantine requirements, ensuring that all the inoculation and import demands of a multi-country itinerary are met can be a challenging and time consuming process. Brade comments, โ€œSomething as simple as one missed vaccination can be enough to deny a pet entry into a country for up to a year, resulting in costly changes to cruising schedules. Our work with yachts ensures a smooth temporary import process for their animals, as well as providing veterinary support and advice for all countries being travelled through.โ€

The company offers set packages for yachts with pets, as well as bespoke support options. Services include one off advice, country risk assessments, liaising with local authorities, inoculation and veterinary inspection schedules, as well as on-board veterinary support and supervision during yacht based quarantine periods. The SVS team welcomes all inquiries from yachts with pets, or charter yachts wishing to facilitate guests with pets.

By Gemma Fottles



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