New Burger superyacht with a modern Dutch twist

The Burger Boat Company, a venerable shipyard for over 130 years, has teamed up with Dutch design studio Vripack to create a modern but still classic motor yacht, named 85’ Burger. Vripack carefully studied the signature of Burger Boat Company and combines it with the very latest innovations in techniques. This melting pot of combinations brings back the classic Burger design and gives it a modern twist.

Designer Robin de Vries from Vripack’s Design Studio says, “We had to go back to the designing roods of a typical Burger Boat and reconsider its formula in an atmosphere filled with creativity, questions and ideas. This has resulted in a stunning yacht with a recognizable design wearing a modern jacket”.

As the Burger boats have a refined classical taste, our design studio paid a lot of attention to various classic exterior details and gave this full aluminum oceangoing family yacht a couple of special features. An example of this is the Burger spray rail together with the typically designed port holes. The panoramic windows give her the modern twist and an enlarging effect. Like a lot of the previous Burger designs, this 85 footer has also been build up with a split level deck. The combination of timeless smooth lines and exterior details has resulted in a handsome yacht with a simple but gracious appearance.

The interior of the 85’ Burger is very typical of a family yacht. A fully equipped VIP area is situated in the forepeak of the lower deck. This area has its own private entrance from the main deck. Directly behind that Vripack placed a full beam owner’s stateroom with large windows for plenty of natural light and two separate bathrooms for him and her. In the mid section of this deck you pass the two guest stage rooms where 4 guests can be accommodated. A fully equipped crew area with a private entrance is situated on the aft deck. The engine room is situated in between the crew area and the guest state rooms.

The main deck contains the living areas which are divided into a spacious and comfortable indoor and outdoor space. This deck also offers an office and a country kitchen which provides the family with an opportunity to experience first rate cooking and a place where they can all sit together. “Isn’t your kitchen always the most crowded place of home?” says Robin.

The stairs lead from the main deck to the well designed fly bridge deck where the pilot house with steering console is situated. A typical detail of this family yacht is the intergraded launch area with swimming facilities, preventing the person steering from being isolated from the guests. The tender area with plenty of space for one tender and two jet skies is placed behind the launch area.

As Henry E. Burger once said; “A pleasure boat should be created from the very start to be just that… with beauty, comfort, convenience, smooth-running performance and easy maintenance kept paramount from the designer’s board to the last touch of the finisher’s brush”, and Vripack has done just that.

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