New cruiser-racer Wally 93 in build

Written by Charl van Rooy

Construction of a new-generation Wally 93 sailing yacht is underway after the project was signed by an experienced repeat Wally client. Wally designed the yacht together with Judel Vrolijk who handled the naval architecture of the project.

Not surprisingly, the focus of the yacht is on high-performance sailing with its cutting deck and stealthy profile. Comfort, however, was a priority as well and the Wally 93 in designed with a characteristically wide stern and large interior volumes that makethis also a pleasant place to hang out after the races. “The Wally 93 isvery light and powerfulwith a displacement of only35,5 tonnes, and asail area/displacement ratioeven more powerful than that of the Wallycentos,” commented Wally Founder Luca Bassani.

A new style of deck layout has been introduced to the Wally 93, one that hides the conventional social cockpit area to appear as if one single flush deck. Look closely, however, and one will find various living areas, all designed to be well clear of the manoeuvring areas during a race. "A Wally is theperfect syntheses between a high-performance cruising yacht and a competitive racer" says Rolf Vrolijk of Judel Vrolijk. “This new design is streamlinedfor the Wally Class racing circuit, that is the most competitive racing in high performance cruising yachts in the Mediterranean.

Construction materials match the performance figures suggested by Wally. Advanced unidirectional carbon fibre, much like that used in the America’s Cup fleet, will ensure a light and rigid final product. Construction is on schedule to ensure that the Wally 93 arrives at the start line of the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup in September 2018.



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