New Dahm 120 sail yacht project unveiled in Düsseldorf

Ahead of the unveiling of the Dahm 120 model at the Düsseldorf boat show that kicked off this weekend, SuperYacht Times spoke to Lukas Stratmann, Managing Partner at Dahm International. Strattman spoke about the latest 36.6 metre sloop designed in collaboration with Beiderbeck Designs which accommodates up to 10 guests in total, as well as a crew of six.

How did this new project get started? One doesn’t often see brokerage houses who develop their own project.

During a meeting at The Düsseldorf Boat Show in 2015 Tim, Immo, Christian and myself noticed that there was a perfect chemistry between us. Coming from the same generation, we also share the same views on future concepts and projects. At the show we talked about the concerns of our clients and how we can minimise them. This discussion lead quite instantly to the idea of the Dahm 120. The project is a tribute to Herbert Dahm as the founder of the company Dahm International as the name suggests, but is packed full of new ideas and state-of-the-art features as a result of combined knowledge and client input.

The Dahm 120 is meant to be a complete-package service arrangement, where the future buyer will benefit from dealing with only one contact person – Dahm International – to handle and coordinate all services and crafts required. Starting with the build of the hull, the manufacturing process and any special interior preferences; all handled through Dahm International.

Will Dahm be the main contractor for this project or will that be the shipyard?

Dahm will be the main contractor.

Can the client choose at which shipyard he will built the yacht?

The main intention of the project is to offer the client a fully developed package at an all-inclusive price. The client will not have to concern themselves about where to build the yacht or which specifications to choose. This approach can of course be altered according to any client’s special requirements and expectations.

Are you looking for investors to build this project on speculation?

No, we are very confident that we will start production soon, and due to the feedback we have had from a very exclusive client base, we will soon be able to announce the first sale officially.

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By Eddie Kloosterman



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