Dynamiq unveils new range of superyachts

Written by Francesca Webster

The yacht builder Dynamiq has unveiled a new range of superyachts, with three exclusive lines, the Gran Turismo Transatlantic (GTT), Global series and the GTM 90 sports line. Dynamiq Global 400The GTT yachts are aluminium built, with large open decks, and an impressive cruising speed of 20 knots. The yachts lines are based on the round bilge Fast Displacement Hull design, pioneered by Dutch architect Van Oossanen, designed to ensure stability and performance.Dynamiq GTT 165 yachtThe Global series are steel hulled with a large interior volume and long range when cruising, with a low fuel consumption. Like the GTT, they are also designed around the Fast Displacement Hull design, and hybrid power plants are also available for every vessel in the range.Dynamiq GTM 90 yacht Dynamiq GTT 160 yachtThe GTM 90 series are high speed, sports style motor yachts, which can be delivered in Transformer, Sportfisher or Beach Club versions, all with minimalistic interiors.Dynamiq GTM 90 yacht interiorDynamiq GTT 160 yacht interiorIn total there will be 12 new yachts in Dynamiq’s range, spanning from 27 to 50-metres and the interiors will vary per vessel.Dynamiq GTM 90 yacht Dynamiq founder, Sergei Dobroserdov, “Dynamiq positions itself between large super and mega yacht builders and well-established production shipyards. When large yards are not building in this size anymore, we are filling the gap bringing the highest standards of finish quality and top technology to achieve extreme values in the performance of our yachts. We work hard on hull lines, propulsion, high-tech glass, and insulation to make it to the highest standards.” He added, “ We work with the best specialists in their fields like Rubber Designor Hull Vane and are not afraid to go into technical challenges to outperform the rivals.”Dynamiq Global 450 yacht rangeDynamiq is currently working on a fourth range, currently under wraps, which is set to create its own niche in the market. This exclusive range will be presented at the Monaco Yacht Show in September.



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