Arksen unveils range of explorer yachts

Written by Georgia Tindale

Brand new technology and innovation company, Arksen has unveiled a range of explorer yachts at this year's Boot Düsseldorf.Arksen 85 yacht projectPhoto: ArksenArksen founder Jasper Smith is an entrepreneur and investor who has 30 years of experience in the technology and games industries, including the interactive games company PlayJam. 

As for his reasons for moving sectors, as Smith explains, he is looking to provide a positive impact with Arksen through technology, research, exploration and adventure: “We set out to create a great company; one that could have a profound impact on the lives of the owners of our vessels and that could actively contribute to a better understanding of the oceans."Arksen 100 yacht projectPhoto: Arksen
He continues, "By building offshore vessels that are designed to withstand the harshest ocean conditions and that incorporate autonomy, hybrid propulsion and ‘always on’ critical systems monitoring, we are at the forefront of a revolution, pioneering technologies that will become the foundation of the future marine industry.”  

A number of partners from across the industry have joined the new initiative, including Humphreys Yacht Design, Wight Shipyard Company on the Isle of Wight, Design Unlimited and Waterline Media. Arksen yacht seriesPhoto: ArksenArksen itself is a brand in three parts comprising the Arksen Series of yachts - Arksen 70, Arksen 85 and Arksen 100, as well as the newly created Arksen Foundation and the Arksen Explorers’ Club.  

The yachts - all ranging between 20 and 30-metres - are designed with exploration in mind and to be manned by a minimal crew. As a result of the flexible design behind their interior layouts, the vessels can be reconfigured to suit leisure, research and commercial purposes, with sufficient onboard storage for up to three months at sea. Indeed, the Arksen 85 promises an impressive range of 6,000 nautical miles on a single fuel tank.
Arksen 85 yacht projectPhoto: ArksenBuilt with the environment in mind using sustainable materials, all Arksen vessels are designed for 50-year service life, are recyclable at the end of their lifespan and all can be powered by diesel-electric propulsion as one of four power packages. Plus, thanks to their exceptional hull efficiency, in a calm sea at 7 knots, the power requirement for the Arksen 85 is just 12kw.Arksen 85 yacht projectPhoto: ArksenIn terms of speed, the Arksen yachts would offer fast cruising speeds between 11 and 14 knots. The yachts can be beached and are ice capable too, with full Ice Class hull options available.

In addition, the yachts also come complete with Ark Control: AI technology which tracks critical systems on board to optimise performance and to flag up any maintenance issues before they arise.Arksen 70 yacht projectPhoto: ArksenAs the second two parts of the brand, Arksen has also created the 'Explorers' Club' for owners, offering special expedition-orientated itineraries, as well as 'The Arksen Foundation', a not-for-profit organisation established to provide funding for research and conservation projects. Notably, all Arksen owners join the foundation and must donate 10% of their vessel's annual sea time to projects supported by the foundation.

Arksen itself has also signed up for ‘1% for the Planet’, an international organisation whose members commit to donating the equivalent of 1% of annual sales to support environmental causes.  Arksen 70 yacht projectPhoto: ArksenAs Smith concluded: "Our collective futures will depend on our ability to understand, protect and save our oceans for future generations, and I know that sailors who are inspired to own an Arksen vessel will embrace our ethics and approach. Owning an Arksen vessel is not a status symbol. It is a statement of intent.”  

Construction on the first Arksen 85 is expected to begin soon, with more details to be released as they become available.

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