The explorer yachts Bold and Ragnar in the Maldives

Written by Charl van Rooy

Bold and Ragnar yachts in the MaldivesPhoto: Tom van OossanenCurrently exploring the untouched beauty of the Maldives deep in the Indian Ocean are the two explorer yachts Bold and Ragnar. Despite sharing a similar naval-inspired exterior style, each yacht started life quite differently. Ragnar, a former Icebreaking Multipurpose Support & Supply Vessel (IMSV) built in the Netherlands in 2012, today operates as a luxury charter yacht and has been kitted out by Icon Yachts as the ultimate Viking-inspired off-road yacht. Her redesign is by RWD. Find out what Ragnar looks inside here. 

The 85-metre Bold was custom built by Silver Yachts in 2019 to a design by Espen Øino as a Fast World Explorer yacht that can efficiently cover great distances at high speeds. Complete with two helicopter landing pads, two 9.5-metre Rupert Marine tenders and an autonomous range of 5,500 nm, Bold is the perfect adventure partner. Get a closer look inside here.



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