New Feadship SL39 superyacht concept by Beyond Design

Feadship and Beyond Design have created a new concept based on Feadship’s SL39 design platform; the SL39 Villa. The SL39 base concept is a 39 metre (128-feet), custom-series Feadship with the parameters of the construction infrastructure, technical systems and equipment predesigned.

What remains to be designed are the key lifestyle aspects of the yacht. This allows the buyers to focus on choices that matter the most to them; the exterior styling and interior design.

This new innovative design concept takes inspiration from the classic Feadship designs; it offers a well-proportioned profile that combines traditional aesthetics with sophisticated modern ingredients. The result is a fresh looking yet timeless yacht.

As the name suggests, the SL39 Villa expresses luxury values. It offers, arched styled window openings and balconies are an important feature on each deck and reflect a new interpretation of yachting.

This SL39 Villa will be an innovative family yacht designed with a perfect balance of indoor spaces for private family use and the equivalent outdoors. This design concept will allow a wide range of options; ranging from cocktail parties for large numbers of guests, to business meetings on the go.

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By Rosie McCall



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