New generation superyacht entertainment system now available

There are so many ingredients that are simply indispensable to provide a successful and memorable experience within the superyacht industry. The ultimate goal, is to provide guests with a perfectly organised and custom tailored experience, making them feel like they are on cloud nine. In order to achieve this, exquisite cuisine, impeccable service and an exciting itinerary as just some of the key ingredients. With such high standards comes the need for state-of-the-art technology that combines user-friendliness and flexibility. And this is where Mr Smith Entertainment comes in.

Mr Smith Entertainment offers flexible, affordable and space-saving entertainment systems, developed from the integrated technology used in high-end hotels and themeparks. Within the superyacht industry, Mr Smith Entertainment discovered a clear need for user-friendly and affordable solutions, with existing systems being complex, bulky and highly expensive.The most advanced in the superyacht industry, this modular system combines proven Apple technology with the lowest possible number of components. And the concept is deceitfully simple: combine successful Apple hardware with an easy-to-use software application for touchscreen devices. The result is a system that manages entertainment and allows guests to control ambiance and environment.

We have all become accustomed to tapping in to our favourite media, anywhere and anytime. Whether it's watching a beloved television show or listening to that preferred playlist, Mr Smith Entertainment introduces an integrated entertainment system that allows guests to do just that onboard a superyacht. Apple technology is combinesd with an elegant software solution, enabling guests to enjoy their own content as well as the existing onboard media library. In short, the Mr Smith Entertainment system transforms any area onboard a superyacht into a personalised environment. And here's how it works...

Hi-speed onboard media servers store all multimedia content in a central database. The existing content library is combined with guests' own movies, music or photographs, allowing full access to all content while maintaining a connection with, for instance, satellite television or the internet. The central database is accessible anywhere onboard at the touch of a button, by use of Mac Minis used as clients throughout the vessel. This way, everyone can instantly create a personal ambiance, in an elegantly simple way. Guests can take control with an Apple remote or an easy-to-use app on their mobile device, assuring perfect user-friendliness. Mr Smith Entertainment combines easy interaction with Apple's reliable hardware and an unprecedented level of personalisation.

Guests' own content can be streamed and uploaded via airplay technology, so listening to your favorite album while soaking up some sun becomes a piece of cake with Mr Smith Entertainment solutions. With Apple technology and a simple app, the system is extremely reliable and easy to use.

A Mr Smith Entertainment system allows multi-room solutions for every superyacht, where the central media library, guests' personal content and satellite television can be intuitively accessed anywhere onboard. Time spent searching for specific DVDs or CDs can now actually be spent listening to music, enjoying a movie and simply relaxing. Since the system is divided into different zones for every room, different content can be accessed simultaneously. Satellite television channels are integrated through advanced IP conversion, resulting in easy onboard distribution. HD satellite television can be accessed just as easily and elegantly as a favourite music playlist or movie from the central database. New media can be effortlessly added to the central onboard database through your iPhone, iPod or iPad, or directly transferred from a CD, DVD or BluRay disc inserted in the dedicated administrator pc. Meanwhile, additional information such as artwork artwork can simply be downloaded from the internet.

The Mr Smith Entertainment system can be intuitively controlled by use of an Apple TV remote control or app. With the entire system running smoothly on Apple hardware, replacing, maintaining and adding parts is a piece of cake. This guarantees the highest level of quality and dependability, while remaining cost-efficient as Mr Smith Entertainment has not invested an enormous amount of resources into developing new hardware. To illustrate: the system's iPad app can be acquired for €17,99. Mr Smith Entertainment primarily uses proven Apple hardware technology, cutting costs for hardware development down to a minimum, resulting in reliable and extremely affordable systems. Simply put, Mr Smith Entertainment offers unprecedented systems for the superyacht industry, combining unrivalled quality and extremely low prices.

Aside from accessing media such as movies, music and photographs, Mr Smith Entertainment allows integration of additional onboard controls. For instance, cabin control functionality, such as lighting, air-conditioning and blinds, can easily be added. This allows guests to operate and control entertainment as well as environment. To top it all off, the system offers integration of CCTV security camera feeds.

Mr Smith Entertainment's systems offer a valuable addition the superyacht industry, significantly enhancing onboard comfort and user-friendliness for guests. With the application of Apple products and their existing features, which have already been proven stable, reliable and versatile, existing functionality is just the beginning. It's easy to imagine a range of future additions, not just for superyachts but also at home. Issues and updates can be easily taken care of from a distance, as Mr Smith Entertainment can externally log on when needed. And with pre-season check-up and update services available, every system will be up and running smoothly during the entire season.

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By Jochem Kaan



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