New industrial shed for CRN’s 72 metre Clarena II

The majestic hull of the Clarena II, CRN construction number 124, was moved to a new industrial shed. In order to hold the 72-metre superyacht, a special operating structure had to be built, measuring 95 metres in length and 25 metres in height. It covers a total surface area of 2,660 square metres, making it the largest structure in the entire production facility, which now covers 100,000 square metres.

A spectacular operation involving hydraulic loaders was necessary to move the steel hull of the vessel, whose outfitting will be completed inside the new structure.

Clarena II, designed in collaboration with Nuvolari & Lenard, is one of the 23 vessels simultaneously under construction at the Ancona complex. No fewer than 7 of these projects are fully “customised” boats made of steel and aluminium, at lengths of 54 to 72 metres.

The dashing shape of the hull, combined with the exceptionally modern, streamlined external forms, all made even more distinctive by the sharp imposing bow, set Clarena II apart from other superyachts of its size.

As with the most inspired works of art, this ship is the product of a close understanding between the shipyard and the shipowner, whose personality lies at the heart of the design decisions.



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