New innovative lighting solutions by Luxall

Luxall is a new Italian company, based on the competence of the Reda Group in elastomers extrusion and the long and tried experience of its partners in developing innovative lighting solutions. With Luxall’s special manufacturing process, top quality LEDs are coupled with a high standing elastomer as silicone rubber: Luxall Technology (Patent Pending) allows the co-extrusion of a LED strip in a silicone profile.

From now on any designer, project manager, developer, whoever wishes to use a LED strip as a light source, can think about it as a material to form and shape according to his desire.

With the Luxall Custom product line several possibilities are given to the market. For example: - Extruded and gaskets with complex shapes, elements for easy mounting, sealing, or any other purposes can be designed.
- Choose if you want the classic dotted effect of LED lights to be visible, or if you’d rather use Luxall “Dotless ®” technology: in this case, light will be uniform.
- Whether you are seeking a simple decorative effect, whether your aim is a true lighting system, Luxall “Heatless ®” thermal dissipation technology will allow the best LED for a specific application and the best PCB strip according to the project’s needs and characteristics.
- Play with colours: using coloured or RGB LEDs projects can be filled with light, with the possibility to have a coloured rubber profile around it.

Silicone rubber has a number of peculiar properties: atoxicity, UV resistance, ageing and weather resistance, extremely wide temperature range in application, absence of chlorine, low smoke toxicity index. Thanks to this properties, even if the project has to work in the most severe and challenging conditions, the silicone rubber used in the Luxall product line brings them resistance to such conditions, and an high grade of IP protection.

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