New ISA 136 Ti Voglio Tanto Bene launched

Ti Voglio Tanto Bene (Italian for I love you) is not the prolongation of the recent Valentine’s Day but the name of the new mega-yacht launched by ISA early this week. This marvellous 41,40 metres planing maxi yacht gracefully glided on the water under the yard staff’s eyes, with a simple but traditional ceremony.

This fibreglass yacht is further evolution of the ISA 133 series, the line built up to the third motor yacht, which will be named ISA 136. With a higher bulwark, which makes it more streamlined, Ti Voglio Tanto Bene is a very interesting yacht where elegant lines combine with high performances: it reaches a maximum speed of 32 knots, when boats of the same size are on the average of 26 knots.

This project, fruit of the well-established team-work between ISA and the Cristiano Gatto Design Team, stands out for its reassessment of the internal areas ensuring wider horizons, especially in the owner’s. “Every decorative and shape choice has to allow the eyes to flow and every material has to satisfy the guests’ desire for details and elegance. An elegant calm without minimalisms, is what the owner seeks with this project; a true challenge, a research in the tradition for a very fascinating project”, Gatto says.

This maxi yacht stands out for the liveability of the common areas, with three decks, three cabins, a gym, a private office and a spectacular 45 sq meter owner’s cabin, equipped with a Turkish bath. Modern interiors, precious materials combination, with maple frisé coating well matched with wengé, doors in spotted banana tree wood, details in polished and braided leather.

Extremely innovative solutions feature onboard such as the lighting-technique with spectacular effects like the curtain that changes colour and is converted into a séparé in the owner cabin and the light falls enclosing the round internal staircase. Other details enrich the boat, such as the nettle carpets, a table with stucco-works by a famous Italian artist, the Bisazza mosaics and precious marbles.

This new ISA gem is the latest demonstration of the ability to combine innovation with functionality, comfort with original solutions and design creativity with craft production abilities. In short: the ability to enhance the typical features of Made in Italy.



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