New managing director for Alewijnse Marine Systems

Alewijnse Marine Systems has announced that Ing. Nils P. Boegborn has been appointed new Managing Director of Alewijnse Marine Systems. Alewijnse Marine Systems incorporates 8 maritime Alewijnse companies with establishments in the Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine and China. In addition the sales representatives in other European countries like Italy, France and Turkey are in the span of control of the new managing director.

Nils Boegborn, officially based at the headquarters office Nijmegen, The Netherlands, does not spend a lot of time at his desk, as he is in charge of managing 600 dedicated employees all over Europe. As the new managing director of Alewijnse Marine Systems, Nils will be aiming to further strengthen the mutual cooperation between the several maritime Alewijnse companies, to achieve complete synergy in the group. With the assignment of Nils Boegborn Alewijnse will proceed further towards becoming strong, independent and solid international system integrator in all fields of the maritime world. Boegborn, proved to be a strong leader, both in previous work and during his period as a professional yachtsman.

Nils Boegborn (1957) started his career as a project manager for a major Dutch construction company and has been working in the technical service industry ever since. As a professional with extensive experience in start-ups and bridging gaps between operational and commercial performance he successfully developed implemented and executed new business strategies in a technical B2B environment. During his career Boegborn gained his experience in running companies in the field of mechanical/electrical engineering, contracting and maintenance of installations for the building & shipping industry, i.e Electrical, Security, HVAC, Waste water and Monitoring Systems.

Though Boegborn is a newcomer in the maritime market, his leadership skills, prospective view and of course his passion for everything involving the maritime world, will give him the opportunity to implement his future plans.

After teaching Nils the ropes, he has already made a good progress in building up and develop the maritime cluster. Alewijnse Marine Systems has a tradition from over 100 years in maritime technology. In these years the firm has established a good reputation in international shipbuilding. As a full line system integrator, Alewijnse Marine Systems supplies technical services, innovative electrical engineering and ICT solutions in the broadest sense of the word.



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