New modular entertainment centre from Lantic

The new Modular Entertainment Centre (MEC) from Lantic Entertainment Systems, developer and manufacturer of integrated entertainment systems exclusively for luxury yachts, brings easier installation of multi‐zone entertainment systems to the superyacht yards, and a new level of stability, versatility and efficiency to yacht owners and operators. The MEC for the first time also allows owners to select their own amplifiers from their favourite manufacturers.

Entertainment Centres form the core of the audio‐visual system in each individual zone ‐ be it a cabin, external deck or communal area. Installed out of sight, they receive commands from the remote controls that select and control the entertainment system components such as the central media server, satellite TV tuners, terrestrial feeds, Internet and other sources, and transmit them to the amplifiers, speakers and monitors. They also act as the relay point for external inputs such as disc drives, iPod drives and games consoles, and receive, process and transmit commands for the cabin control features, CCTV and other hotel functions.

The new MEC from Lantic does all that and more, yet remarkably the unit itself is significantly smaller than earlier models. This has been achieved partly by reductions in component size and partly by removing the full sized amplifier that was fitted in the earlier units.

A 2 x 10w amp is instead fitted in the new MEC for use as a slave unit in sub‐zones such as bathrooms, but in the main areas owners now select and connect independent amplifiers of their choice to create exactly the soundscape that they seek via reproduction standards ranging from stereo up to Dolby Surround 5.1, 7.1 and even 9.1. The MEC is fully compatible with all commercially‐manufactured amplifiers including those from top brands including NAD, Denon, Marantz and Dynaudio.

This modular approach of splitting one unit into two or more provides the yards with new options as to how and where they install the equipment, as does the fact that the centres now give off less heat, thereby reducing the ventilation requirements, and can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

Additional benefits for the vessel and her occupants include the incorporation of a noiseless, solid‐state hard disc and reduced fan sound. The introduction of a stand‐by mode also minimises power consumption.

The new Modular Entertainment Centre represents another phase in Lantic’s policy of continuous improvement designed to keep its products at the forefront of networked, integrated entertainment systems, and follows on from the introduction of a new user interface and iPad compatibility earlier in 2011.

Lantic Entertainment Systems
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